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NHPAWelcome to the Quail Ridge Horseshoe Club. You have just entered “horseshoe territory” where we hope to provide you with the best opportunity to explore the field of horseshoe pitching. When you join the Quail Ridge Horseshoe Club ($ 10) you may come and pitch in the facility when the doors are opened to the public. When you pay state membership dues ($ 28) you become a member of the Missouri Horseshoe Pitchers Association (MOHPA) and the National Horseshoe Pitchers Association (NHPA) which entitles you to pitch in leagues and tournaments during the year.

Here at QRHC you will be pitching in the finest horseshoe facility in the USA. The QRHC members are most proud of this building. Visitors from all around the country come to visit the Hall of Fame site and pitch horseshoes. After touring the Hall of Fame room and the indoor courts, you will want to see our outdoor courts which are for public use all year round. Also, please take note of our brick memorial walkway out in front – a way to show your support for horseshoes and to honor someone you love.

QRHC is most fortunate to be “caretakers” of this beautiful National Horseshoe Pitchers Hall of Fame building. When the Quail Ridge Park was chosen to be the site of the NHPA/NHPF Hall of Fame facility because of its central location, our original club (New Melle Horseshoe Club) was selected to be its custodian. Our club, which includes over 300 members, does exactly what we agreed to do – we take care of it. The facility which is some 22,000 square feet is huge and takes lots of volunteers to keep it going. So when you join our club we hope you will consider this and be quick to volunteer in any field which you can help. Volunteers are needed for: computer stats, concession stand helpers, “pit crew”, hosting at the Hall of Fame – four days a week, clean up once a month, scorekeepers, health and welfare, communications, etc. There is a place for you and your participation is appreciated.

As a member of the QRHC you may wish to purchase a few horseshoe game related items to help you get started. The National Game Related Sales is set up right here in this facility and they sell to distributors across the country. The QRHC is a distributor and we can sell directly to you – some of its items can be found in the showcase located in the lobby. We have many kinds of horseshoes, hooks, horseshoe boxes, bags, miscellaneous items, etc. that will benefit you. You may also want to purchase a beautiful QRHC polo or T-shirt to show you are now a proud member of the club. Just ask someone and they will point you in the right direction.

The QRHC offers you a day league, summer and winter leagues to pitch in. Whether you are a beginner, a backyard horseshoe pitcher, or a more experienced pitcher there is a place for you. Our leagues are on a handicapped basis which means you can pitch with the more experienced pitchers and still be competitive to win.

Once you feel confident enough you will probably want to pitch in a horseshoe tournament. Tournaments are held monthly at our facility. The tournaments are divided into classes so that you will be pitching against someone close to your own ringer percentage. It’s only a matter of time before you start your horseshoe trophy collection.

Also, once a year our Missouri Horseshoe Association holds a State Tournament at different sites throughout our beautiful state over Labor Day weekend. This tournament is approximately 250 strong, and some years more. Once you attain “horseshoe fever” you won’t want to miss this exciting event. You will be receiving our state newsletter, SHOE BIZ, published three times a year which keeps you informed with horseshoe pitching news across Missouri and includes a tournament schedule throughout MO that you can participate in.

In addition to the State Tournament, each year the National Horseshoe Pitchers Association (NHPA) hosts a World Horseshoe Tournament which is held in various states throughout the USA and sometimes Canada. It is usually held in July/August with about 1,500 pitchers attending the event. So you will want to fill up your gas tank, make plans to spend your vacation pitching with people from all over the country and bring home one of those beautiful world trophies.

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We not only offer you a wonderful horseshoe experience, a challenge to explore your skills, but we also offer you the opportunity to become a part of our horseshoe family where you will find the camaraderie to be very gratifying. Our QRHC motto – “Where old friends greet and new friends meet” – goes a long way back in our past and reaches out toward our future years. We hope you consider becoming a part of our organization.

Once again welcome.

Jeanette Claas
QRHC President